Tate Modern

Research trip with my Fine Art student - Sigmar Polk & Richard Tuttle.

Screen Printing at home

A group of very talented embroidery ladies wanted to produce a collection of background images for their work. The group meet once a month stitching away creating unusual and quirky textile pieces. They have an exhibition coming up, I will let you know when and update you on the screen printing pieces which they have embellished..... Thank you for the lunch Jill and home made biscuits! 

Rose Theatre

Thank you Rose Theatre for providing all the materials for this particular workshop, it was very nice turning up without lots of bags! We had a lovely and very busy morning making crowns and shields. 

Runways End, Farnborough

I spent the day screen printing with six groups, each group tried a range of activities from 'The Leap of Faith' to 'Weaving'. The aim was to bring people together from different backgrounds and to enjoy each others company. The day was a success, making new friends and learning new skills.... well done everyone! Thank you Hampshire County Council for inviting me down for the day.  

Sunday Sessions

Every month I will be running workshops at the lovely converted barn in Ruislip.


I spent the day mono printing at a summer camp in Guilford. Thank you FISH for inviting me! 

Party In The Park, Woking

This was my first event in a field / mini festival. Next year I hope to do more of these events. It was a great day and thousands of people turned up. Thanks Party In The Park for inviting me down for the day. 

Crafty Fox Market

Drop in workshops £5 per person at the Crafty Fox Markets, running at the Dogstar in Brixton and the Busy Building in Peckham - www.craftyfoxmarket.co.uk