I currently work part-time at University for the Creative Arts in Farnham since 2013 and Epsom since 2016. I work as a Learning Support Assistant part time and have done for three years. I have worked with many students in BA and Foundation of differing abilities. I support the student with any written work, help to set up studio space, prepare portfolios and help the student during the day with any difficulties they may have. I am there to make the student’s experience in education more comfortable and achievable. 

Since graduating in 2012 in Textiles for Fashion and Interiors at UCA I was Artist in Resident for two years with the BA Textile department. Through this I became interested in working within education. My residency developed into teaching workshops, providing lectures about my practice, and tutorials with the students. In 2014 I was then given the opportunity to start my teaching qualification in Higher Education in the Creative Arts, funded by UCA. I am now currently studying on a MA in Creative Education at UCA funded by the university.  

More recently at UCA in Epsom I have been working with the Fashion and Textile Foundation students, collaborating in teaching with the Fashion and Textile tutor and supporting the students during lessons. 

Nicole Line Workshops started in 2014, it is an extension to my creative practice and my teaching at UCA. I work independently on the business and have learnt a great deal about organising creative activities for unusual spaces, working with people from all sorts of backgrounds, including providing workshops to a mixture of professionals.

To view Nicole's portfolio of work please visit www.nicoleline.com